New Mirus Harvest Data Collection Software

HarvestMaster announces Mirus harvest data collection software as the latest addition to its research agriculture solutions offering. Mirus is an all-in-one software designed to collect and view harvest data in real time. The Mirus software is compatible with the industry leading HarvestMaster HM800 GrainGage systems.

Mirus features include large, easy-to-read screens, capable of showing multiple data screens simultaneously for more efficient operation. Step-by-step calibration wizards for all sensors ensure easy calibration of the GrainGage system. The intuitive user interface of Harvest Master’s Mirus software is tailored to combine operators, promising ease-of-use and simple adoption into harvest data collection processes.

Mirus software has become the new standard in harvest data collection by providing the following:

• Compatibility with Windows® laptops and tablets running Windows® XP, 7, or 8
• Ability to generate and import maps, and collect and export data
• Simultaneous views of four different harvest information screens
• Graphical and spatial display of data
• Ease of viewing diagnostic screens while in harvest mode
• Step-by-step wizards for weight, moisture, and test weight sensor calibration
• Combine operator rated observations
• Operator Quick-Notes on individual plots

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