iCropTrak Makes WagNet Irrigation & Field Data Mobile

AgSense PressiCropTrak Mobile Farm Management announces support for Agsense WagNet network for pivot irrigation and soil sensor monitoring. iCroptrak automatically integrates the WagNet water and soil sensor data with your farming data to help farmers make better decisions and monitoring your irrigation efforts painless.

With water restrictions and sustainable farming playing an ever-growing role in farming, iCropTrak integrated one of the leading irrigation monitoring applications to automatically populate irrigation efforts and allows them to be reviewed easily with your other field data.

iCropTrak cloud talks directly with WagNet network to capture a farmer’s pivot and soil moisture sensor probe data. Formatting the WagNet data to be loaded onto the iCropTrak mobile platform for access while in the field. Allowing the farmer to combine soil, farming, harvest, weather, zone, and irrigation data together to make informed decision.

To learn more about iCropTrak mobile farm management capabilities including automated data entry support for MyJohnDeere.com and Weather Underground data feeds by visiting our website at www.iCropTrak.com and contact our sales team at Contact@Cogent3D.com.

New Tractor Toolbox from Deere

Tractor ToolboxFinding room in a tractor cab for tools, parts, and other items needed while in the field, has always been an issue with operators. Small toolboxes have been supplied and located on different areas of the tractor, but the storage space has been limited. Now, John Deere has found a convenient solution with a new Tractor Utility Box.

“We’ve increased the storage capacity of this new Tractor Utility Box,” says Phil Lauer, marketing manager, John Deere. “And, it is designed with a special front weight mount kit to be attached easily on the front weight support of the tractor. This will mount to as few as 4 weights up to a full rack.”

The new Tractor Utility Box is the first to use a patent-pending weight mount system that bolts on in minutes. The toolbox can be easily removed or replaced as needed by the operator. The bracket system ensures stable mounting without compromising headlight use or tractor functions and allows the toolbox to be easily moved from machine to machine.

“The Tractor Utility Box is built from heavy gauge sheet steel and has a heavy-duty gas strut on the lid,” explains Lauer. “Locking pins make the opening and locking the box simple and easy. And, the box has two removable shelves and a fold down front door for easy access to the tools and supplies. There is plenty of room to store tools, tow chains, hitch pins, and other essential items.”

Hick Chick Chat with Kip Cullers

11326519286_c9a07ae0bf_oKip Cullers is a rock star of soybean growers from Southwest Missouri. He’s been out and about in many different events and he called Cindy a little before Commodity Classic and was very excited about his most recent trip to South Africa. He said that some of the speaking events that they were attending were expecting 200 people and 400 or more would show up after traveling some distance to hear what Kip and Dupont Pioneer, BASF, and John Deere folks had to say.

classic14-kip2He has yet to hand over the pictures of the trip but we did catch him on stage with Case IH talking about his trip. Kip says he’s really surprised that they have such a Asian Soybean Rust issue in South Africa. He says they are using the same products there we use here, it just may be under a different name. Many of the products are similar from equipment to fungicides and and it’s very interesting to see how growers from around the world continue to work together to increase productivity and become more self sufficient. Admittedly, Kip is not a big fan of the lamb they served there or the corn mush, but he feels it’s important to travel to other parts of the world and work together for the good of agriculture.

You can catch listen to Cindy’s interview with Kip here: Hick Chick Chat with Kip Cullers, Missouri Farmer

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GROWMARK and Deere form Data Collaboration

growmarklogoGROWMARK and John Deere are collaborating to make life easier and improve decision-making for producers and agronomists.

The two are collaborating to deliver near real-time field level data to producers and FS Crop Specialists by linking FS Advanced Information Services (FS AIS), a suite of precision agronomy software, with John Deere Wireless Data Transfer, JDLink™ and MyJohnDeere.

John DeereGROWMARK Agronomy Marketing executive director Ron Milby says they are among the first agricultural retailers to leverage the Wireless Data Transfer Application Programming Interface (API) for its precision agronomy decision support software, making data exchange faster and more useful for growers and its FS company staff. “The open platform John Deere provides enables farmers and FS company staff to use the FS AIS software to make decisions in near real time – that’s a win-win,” Milby said.

Ron says GROWMARK chose to work with Deere because they are a leader in the field. “I think they’re going to be a viable leader in the future,” he said. “We were headed to this base, they were headed to this base, and we were able to work with them.

Producers will utilize an efficient and secure interface between FS AIS and MyJohnDeere, taking advantage of both companies’ commitment to supporting better decisions through improved data integration at the field level. This includes the ability to easily transfer work instructions, prescriptions, and product lists to the GreenStar™ 3 2630 display. Yield data, as-applied maps and work records can be transferred back to the FS AIS software.

Find out more in this interview with Ron: Interview with Ron Milby, GROWMARK

Deere Shows How to Be Accurate Up to 10 MPH

classic14-deere-kelbyImagine getting your work done at twice the speed you normally do! Producers attending this year’s Commodity Classic in San Antonio got to see more of John Deere’s new ExactEmerge planting system, which allows planters to be accurate at speeds up to 10 MPH. Kelby Krueger, product specialist with Deere’s Seeding Group, explained to Leah on the trade show floor that is quite revolutionary, considering that’s about twice as fast as farmers are used to planting using the old seed tube systems.

“The slower you go, the better your seed placement. Well, that doesn’t work very well when you have tight planting windows or when you’ve got rainstorms coming,” he said, pointing out that with ExactEmerge, you don’t have to choose between fast and accurate; you get both. “It controls the seed through the whole entire process from the meter, through a brush belt delivery system, and places it in the bottom of the trench.”

Kelby said they used high-speed video to see seeding errors with tube systems. They’ve been actively testing the new system in customer fields for the last three years, in a variety of conditions. In fact, for no-till operations, they found ExactEmerge really works well because it is built to stand up to rough conditions.

As expected with technology that doubles the speed at which you can get something done, ExactEmerge brought plenty of questions from farmers attending Commodity Classic.

“People are taking the time to come down here, try to understand how this system works, because they understand how revolutionary this will be for their farming operation,” Kelby said.

Listen to more of Leah’s interview with Kelby here: Kelby Krueger, John Deere

2014 Commodity Classic Photos

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Deere Brings Technology and Farming Together

classic14-deere-rachelleThey’ve been innovating ever since John Deere himself introduced the first steel plow nearly 180 years ago that transformed the American Great Plains into the world’s food basket it is today. Now the good folks at Deere have shown off their latest innovation at Commodity Classic in San Antonio: FarmSight.

“Farmsight is our approach to how we think technology and farming can come together in a whole new way to help farmers be more productive, spend more time with their families, make more money and overall have a better experience as farming moves into the future,” Rachelle Thibert, manager of integrated solutions at Deere, explained to Leah in an interview from the trade show floor. She said it comes down to planning, and the technology in FarmSight helps gather, move and share data so better informed decisions can be made. “It can save them time, save them money, and eventually produce some better results when they’re actually trying to market that grain.”

Rachelle added that FarmSight brings more information into the cab at a higher resolution allowing farmers to use the data to be more efficient in their operations. And by listening to what farmers have told them about what they want and need to know, the decisions made are more effective. Since the information gathered and stored in the cloud, producers can access it and make adjustments or even monitor other operators on their farm to make sure the job is being done right. In addition, Deere has made it easy to use so less time is lost learning or teaching how to use it.

The ability to use FarmSight has been embedded in John Deere machines since 2011, but Rachelle said they’ve developed kits to retrofit a long line Deere equipment going way back. “There’s probably some way we can light up your fleet that’s green with this technology,” she said.

There’s more ideas on the horizon Deere will be testing and putting out in the fields, but for now, growers can get things started with a MyJohnDeere account to help them have a better bottom line.

Listen to more of Leah’s interview with Rachelle here: Rachelle Thibert, John Deere

2014 Commodity Classic Photos

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Classic is Next Show for John Deere ExactEmerge

nfms14-exactemergeIf you missed the new John Deere ExactEmerge Planter at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show, you’ll have another chance to see this baby at the Commodity Classic in San Antonio next week.

nfms14-jd-kelbyAt NFMS, I talked with John Deere Seeding Group product specialist Kelby Krueger who worked on the ExactEmerge project from start to finish. He says the new row units are a perfect fit for producers who want to plant more acres in less time due to narrow planting windows, or to increase the size of their operations without adding equipment. “It’s hard for planters to get wider, so we had to make it more productive,” Kelby said. “This planter here with 24 rows, at ten miles an hour, will be doing something close to 75-80 acres an hour.”

If you haven’t seen the unveiling of the new planter at NFMS, click here.

Listen to Kelby explain more about ExactEmerge and see it for yourself at Commodity Classic in San Antonio: Interview with Kelby Krueger, John Deere

John Deere Planter at NFMS photos

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John Deere Wraps up FinOvation Award

nfms14-jd-fin1The Farm Industry News FinOvation Awards presented during the National Farm Machinery Show each year spotlight the key innovations of the previous year, as chosen by readers.

This year’s honorees included everything from an prototype autonomous tractor, to cloud computing, to a new tire made from soybeans. Bigger, higher capacity, gentler, more narrow, and super precise are some of the words used to describe the new innovations.

Among 2014 FinOvation award winners was the John Deere B Bale Wrap, and here is what FIN had to say about it:

jd-b-wrapNetwrap balers have been on the market for some time, but in 2013 John Deere rolled out an innovation that caught readers’ eyes. The B Wrap product is designed to protect bales better than standard netting and significantly reduces storage losses for bales left outside, without the need to wrap each individual bale. The innovative material keeps moisture out while allowing the bale to release moisture too.

Thanks to Farm Progress Executive Editor Frank Holdmeyer for sharing the shot of Deere’s Jeremy Unruh receiving the FinOvation award.

National Farm Machinery Show Photo Album

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John Deere Introduces SeedStar™ Mobile

nfms14-jd-seedstarIn conjunction with the launch of the ExactEmerge™ planters and MaxEmerge™ 5 row units at the National Farm Machinery Show this week, John Deere also introduced SeedStar Mobile to help producers better visualize, document, and access their planting data in real time.

The new John Deere SeedStar Mobile solution uses an iPad to provide critical planting information producers need to better monitor and document their planter performance in the field.

Mike Brandert, senior product manager at John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, tells us all about it in this interview – and below his colleague Diana Reed shows us what it looks like.
Interview with Mike Brandert, John Deere

John Deere 2014 NFMS Photo Album

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Details About John Deere ExactEmerge

jd-exactemerge-imageYou want details about the new John Deere ExactEmerge planting system? We got ‘em! Here’s a few from the press release:

The John Deere ExactEmerge row unit incorporates new technology that gives corn and soybean producers the ability to plant at speeds up to 10 mph while maintaining superior seed placement. The exclusive seed delivery system cradles the seed from the meter down to the seed trench maintaining optimal seed spacing in varying field conditions. The new system ensures superior seed placement at faster planting speeds and offers a 10 percent improvement in seed spacing at traditional speeds.

nfms14-john-deere-elenaElena Kaverina, John Deere Planters Product Line Marketing Manager, was glowing as she talked about their new baby. “The heart and the soul of this product is the exclusive trench delivery system that makes precise seed placement actually happen at higher speed,” she told us. “With this new technology, we control the seed positively through the whole delivery system. It starts with the meter that gently allows for a crisp hand off to the brush belt. It’s placed consistently in the center all the time and then it’s delivered to the bottom of the trench and then it is released at a real world trajectory that truly matches the ground speed and results in a dead drop.” Interview with Elena Kaverina, John Deere

John Deere 2014 NFMS Photo Album

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John Deere Excited About ExactEmerge

nfms14-john-deere-aaronThe folks at John Deere are more excited about the new ExactEmerge planter than they have ever been about any product in their history. “We’ve been able to design from the ground up a whole new technology,” said Aaron Wetzel, John Deere VP Global Crop Care. “Being able to provide to our customers unparalleled accuracy in the trench with great opportunity to enhance yield.” That goes for both corn and soybeans. Interview with Aaron Wetzel, John Deere

nfms14-john-deere-gregAaron says they have tested ExactEmerge with hundreds of farmers around the country and “every single one of them are just completely blown away” by the capabilities of the new planter. One of those farmers is Greg Smith of Cummings, Kansas.

“The guys from John Deere said ‘drive it like you stole it’ just go as fast as you can go,” Greg said. But, since he only raises one crop a year, he was a little nervous about that idea. Once they got up to 7-8 miles an hour, Greg had to get out of the tractor and check it out for himself. “Sure enough, seed depth and spacing was – right on, it was exact,” he said. “No joke, there was absolutely no difference between five mile an hour and ten mile an hour.”

He adds that the emergence was “unheard of – all the agronomists say you want to have everything come up within 48 hours, I think it was 48 minutes,” he said. Interview with Kansas farmer Greg Smith

Great question, Ben (in comments) – yes!! If you are not at NFMS, ExactEmerge will be on display at all the major farm shows in the United States this year – starting with Commodity Classic in San Antonio in just two weeks!

John Deere 2014 NFMS Photo Album

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John Deere Reveals ExactEmerge™ Planter

nfms14-john-deere-exactemergeGround-breaking, revolutionary, and just simply amazing are some of the words being used to describe the new John Deere high-speed, high-performance ExactEmerge™ planter, unveiled this morning at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

John Deere is breaking the planting speed and accuracy barriers of traditional row-crop planting with the introduction of a revolutionary new seed delivery system. With the launch of the ExactEmerge row unit for the most accurate planting at speeds up to 10 mph and the new industry-leading MaxEmerge 5 row units for planting at traditional speeds, customers can now plant with greater speed, accuracy and ease than ever before.

John Deere 2014 NFMS Photo Album

Watch the reveal below – and we’ll tell you lots more about it in posts to come!

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John Deere, MapShots Work for Product Integration

mapshots-14-brian-holtMaking sure your high-tech equipment works with the high-tech software is pretty important in the world of precision agriculture. At the recent MapShots Customer Conference in Atlanta, Ga., customers of John Deere and MapShots’ AgStudio software, which provides crop management applications for the agriculture industry got the chance to ask questions directly how they can make that John Deere green hardware fit well with the new software.

“We wanted to support MapShots’ and their demo of their intergration with My John Deere Data API and answer any questions [MapShots'] customers have about how My John Deere and our data sharing agreements works,” explained Deere’s Technology Solutions Architect Brian Holt.

The whole idea of having Deere attend this customer conference grew out of an earlier integrators’ conference John Deere held.

Brian added that data privacy is very important to the folks he talked with at this gathering, as it is with MapShots and John Deere.

“We take it very seriously. We work pretty closely with our software partners so that they understand what our guiding principles are and that they’re responsible using our shared customers’ data,” he said.

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Brian here: Interview with Brian Holt, John Deere

You can find Chuck’s photos from the event online here: 2014 MapShots Customer Conference Photo Album

Getting Started at National Farm Machinery Show

National Farm Machinery ShowWe’re boots on the ground in Louisville, KY for the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show. There are a number of new product announcements that will be made here and we’ll bring you all the stories we can find starting tomorrow morning.

If you’re here or even if you’re not you can get the free app for whatever device you’re using. Just search your app store for the “NFMS 14″ app. It’s got an interactive exhibitor map, schedules and will provide alerts of events that are happening during the show.

There is snow on the ground outside but fortunately it fell before the event this year! That’s good news.

Our coverage here on Precision Pays is being sponsored again this year by John Deere and Ag Leader Technology. We really appreciate their support.

iCropTrak Integrates John Deere and Dropbox APIs

1982B982-64B5-4C27-88CC405995D3C050Mobile Field and Farm App iCropTrak just announced their integration of the new John Deere wireless connection technology MyJohnDeere.com and DropBox in iCropTrak Version 4.0 for 2014. These technologies will allow for seamless movement of data between your Deere tractor, your iCropTrak enabled iPad and DropBox enabled clients, labs and consultants like never before.

iCropTrak is a mobile farm data management system that combines a customizable collaborative iOS mobile app, a private cloud database and 3rd party connections like MyJohnDeere.com and DropBox. It is designed to effortlessly collect soil samples, scout and document farm efforts including tracking people and equipment.

Interfacing MyJohnDeere.com and iCropTrak lets you:

Pull: Get quick and seamless access to your tractor data. Load plant, spray, and harvest data automatically to your iCropTrak cloud. Sync allows everyone on your team who needs access to get the data. In minutes see your data on your iOS device in the field.

Track: Metadata from the tractor is used to automatically populate iCropTrak tractor forms by documenting time in the field, date and time of operations, crop planted, product applied, equipment used, and much more. Manually entering data will be a thing of the past, ensuring less human error. Once entered, use iCropTrak to see all your events for a given field and with innovative InfoPages, colorize the map using the data values to show what, where, and when an event happened.

Push: Create and track work orders to schedule people and equipment with dates, location, and tasks – with the configurations seamlessly sent to the tractor. The result will be job completed faster, while allowing others to get the latest status using their iOS mobile device.

Report: Generate reports by taking all the tractor data you have collected and combining it with data entered on the mobile device. Trackcost, hours, and events for your fields which can be displayed on your HTML dashboard and/or printed as PDF reports.

iCropTrak was the first to have a soil sampling iOS app, first to have a farm management app on iPad, and now we’re innovating to make farming easier, smarter, and more informative by interfacing MyJohnDeere.com, Dropbox, and a number of 3rd party web systems in 2014.

You can listen to Chuck’s interview Aaron Hutchinson here: Interview with iCropTrak's Aaron Hutchinson